Ilraen Gets Human
Summary:Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill visits the Lounge, meets his partner for the first time, and acquires a human morph.
Timeline:October 23, 2006; two or three weeks after “Introducing Ilraen.”
Rating:G/K - Entire team is babies.
Players: Neshomeh (Supernumerary, Jennifer Robinson, and Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill)
Hawkelf (Remedy, Jubilee, Aimee, Jai, and Mas)
Oracle (Ginger)
Notes:It Came From The MSN Chat Log. This is SO OLD, guys. Nume is, uh, not quite how I’d write him now. >.> But I thought this little bit of history was important enough to share.

Remedy: *slips in quietly and sits*

Ginger: *sits on the couch in one corner, taking up as little space as humanly possible*

Jubilee: *messing around in the kitchen*

Nume: *is there, sitting in his usual place [at the bar], but looking much more attentive than usual*

Aimee: *wanders in, about ten-ish years old*

Jai: *male, and seven, and following Aimee*

Aimee: *carrying baby brother Mas*

Ginger: *lights up! kids!*

Aimee: Hello! Rumor’s my sister and she said that we should come here ’cause she’s married to Hale now and said we should tell people. More like the adults want to talk about adult stuff and ditched us.

Ginger: They got married?

Jai: Scary, isn’t it?

Nume: Adults are annoying like that. *watches the door*

Ginger: Terrifying.

Jai: Kit says ‘they have to move out if they spawn.’

Ginger: *can’t blame her*

Aimee: Wanna hold my brother? He’s cute.

Ginger: Please.

Aimee: *hands him over*

Ginger: *holds, looking down at him tenderly*

Mas: *gurgles adorably*

Jenni: *gets to the point of the RP and walks in, leading an Andalite by the hand up until actually going through the door, because that wouldn’t work* Hello! I’d like to—

Nume: *cuts her off, getting to his feet and smiling* That’s him?

Jenni: —er. Yes?

Ilraen: *should be assumed to be using thought-speak at all times, ’cos the typist doesn’t want to deal with it* *looks at the room* ... I am Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill. I’m supposed to meet other agents for my training.

Ginger: *blinks, rubs her head* Came to the wrong place. We’re the anti-social ones. *gurgles back at Mas*

Mas: *giggles and possibly drools a bit*

Jai: *looks at the Andalite* Dude. So cool.

Ginger: *beams, wipes the drool off*

Jenni: *looks at the kids* Where’d all these come from?

Nume: *goes over and has a good look at Ilraen* This is excellent. I’m Agent Supernumerary—I’ll be working with you.

Ilraen: Oh. *swivels his stalk eyes* Are you all human? You would appear to be small humans, but I’ve been told that appearances are deceiving, especially here.

Ginger: I’m secretly a tentacle monster. Nobody knows. *bounces Mas*

Jai: Da says I’m a demon.

Aimee: *to Jenni* Rumor’s my sister. Shoved us here so the adults could talk about adult stuff.

Mas: *happy baby!*

Jenni: *to Aimee* I see. *has met Rumor maybe once?*

Nume: *to Ilraen* Yes, they are. But that wasn’t a stupid question. I’m pleased.

Ilraen: That is good. I am also hoping to acquire a human morph. I would like to practice.

Ginger: A human morph?

Aimee: She’s the annoyingly hyper one. Blond. Loud. Short. The originator of Essence of Mary Sue. At least, first one to distill it.

Ginger: She’s terribly irritating. To know her is to want her dead—at least occasionally.

Ilraen: *to Ginger* Yes. My physiology is such that eating on missions could become a problem, so it may be useful to have a human form.

Jenni: Ah. Maybe I haven’t met her. But hey, everyone’s welcome unless they do something incredibly stupid.

Aimee: Everything Rumor does is incredibly stupid. Except maybe marrying the young one.

Ginger: She’s prone to that. *to Ilraen* And yes, I can see where that would be useful.

Jenni: Well, I meant you lot. *smiles at the kids*

Jai: *to Ilraen* Can you ooze?

Ilraen: *blink* Ooze?

Aimee: Oh. That. We’re the smart... okay, I’m the smarter one. Jai’s just weird.

Jai: Like... puss! Or maybe acid. That would be so cool! And I am not weird. I’m strange.

Remedy: *amused* That’s any better?

Ilraen: Er. No.

Ginger: *snorts, bounces Mas some more*

Nume: *to Jai* You want to see what he can do?

Jai: Aw. That would’ve been totally awesome.

Mas: *chortles*

Jai: Totally! What can he do?

Nume: Come here. Give him your hand.

Ilraen: *blink. again*

Jai: *does so, slightly wary* Hope you don’t mind the rest of me being attached to it. Hard to take it off.

Aimee: His brain’s easier to remove.

Ilraen: You can do that? O.o

Nume: No. Just go ahead and acquire him. *to Aimee* You can go next, if you like.

Ilraen: *takes the boy’s hand in a light grip and does his thing* *this takes longer than one might expect, but then, Ilraen hasn’t even existed a full year*

Aimee: *shrugs* Sure. Mas is my half brother... if that’s any help. *knows a little about Andalites, yay!*

Nume: Variety is good.

Ginger: What are you talking about?

Aimee: He wants to suck our brains.

Ginger: Pleasant.

Jenni: *bursts out laughing*

Nume: No. *to Ginger* Andalites have a technology that allows them to absorb a DNA sample from any animal they can touch. Once this sample is acquired, the Andalite can then replace their own form with one dictated by the sample DNA, in effect morphing into that animal. They can also take several samples from the same species to create a unique phenotype.

Jai: *makes zombie noises* Braaaaaiiiiiiins.

Ilraen: I believe it is done. Thank you.

Ginger: Ah. Fascinating.

Nume: Isn’t it? *grin*

Remedy: Think it’s a bad idea if he gets mutants?

Jenni: I wouldn’t advise it. He’s... new.

Remedy: All right. Lucky him.

Ginger: I’d offer to help, but I won’t.

Ilraen: *looks around* Who else offered to help me?

Aimee: Me and the baby. He bites, but that’s okay, ’cause he doesn’t have all his teeth in yet.

Ilraen: Oh. Very well.

Jenni: Ginger, how ’bout I volunteer you? ^_^

Ginger: I’m sure he doesn’t want to lose his arm.

Jenni: Oh, come on. You won’t even notice anything.

Ginger: Heee’ll be touching meee. I don’t like that.

Jai: ... I can go get the girls an’ Da. If that’d help any.

Nume: I’m volunteering, of course.

Ilraen: *acquires Aimee and Mas, if that wasn’t implied*

Ginger: *sighs* I’ll try.

Mas: *only tries to gnaw on him a little bit*

Ilraen: *is slobbered on?* Er. Thank you. *goes over to Ginger* I understand the process has a sedative effect. *extends his thin, seven-fingered hand*

Ginger: *reaches out her hand, grits her teeth*

Jai: So do I get the terrible trio and token male?

Nume: You’re male, unless I’m very much mistaken, and so am I.

Ilraen: *is gentle by nature, and it’s rare that the acquiring process isn’t relaxing*

Jai: The group of them. There’s Kit and Hawk and Rumor. That’s the terrible trio. And there’s Da. Their token male.

Remedy: *to Nume* You sure you’re male?

Ginger: *is humming with tension at the best of times and being touched just makes it worse. so is a little relaxed, but it’s not noticeable*

Nume: *gives Remedy the Vulcan Eyebrow Look* Yes.

Ilraen: *getting better at this every time* *lets go* Finished. I thank you.

Ginger: You’re welcome. *flash of a smile*

Neshomeh: (( Say, what do these kids look like? ))

Remedy: *raises own eyebrow back*

Hawkelf: ((Aimee and Mas can be found at In the icon. Jai’s a darker kid, tall for his age. Green eyes.))

Nume: *goes over and lets Ilraen acquire him*

Hawkelf: ((Aimee looks like a malnutrition/anerexia poster child, but it’s genetic.))

Ginger: *offers Mas to someone else, needs to be untouched for a while*

Neshomeh: (( So I’m looking at thin, green-eyed... dunno if I want to do black or red hair... ))

Jenni: *was acquired earlier—this works because she has DNA and it is human*

Jai: *ended up holding Mas* *pokes Mas’s nose*

Jenni: *and would gladly hold the baby, now that her typist is paying attention*

Ginger: *heads for the bar*

Jai: *gladly hands him over*

Ginger: *and returns to her couch and curls up*

Jenni: ^_^ *talks nonsense to the kid, plays with him, and generally enjoys herself*

Nume: *once he’s done...* *to Jai* Now! Ilraen will show you what he can do. *turns to the Andalite*

Ilraen: *contrives to look embarrassed* I must tell you I have not done this before. I really don’t know how it will go, but I’ll do my best. *closes all four eyes and concentrates really hard* ...

Ginger: *drinks and watches*

Jai: *watches, wide-eyed*

Aimee: *keeps one eye on Mas, but watches*

Ilraen: *for a while, nothing happens, but then things get really weird, because Ilraen sucks at this* *mild alarm as the forelegs go away and he falls over, only to lose the tail and grow the beginnings of a mouth, losing the fur—at which point he’s interrupted*

Jenni: *glances over at the fall, decides he’s okay, then does a double-take* Whoa! Hold it! Lack of clothes not okay!

Nume: ... Oops?

Ilraen: What? What’s wrong?

Aimee: ... My eyes would be broken, but I shared a room with my sister over the summer. Ow.

Ginger: *eyebrow* Why? Clothes not necessarily necessary.

Remedy: Clothes are overrated. Unless large amounts of very high-strung people are around. Then everyone should be wrapped in rugs.

Ginger: I’m high-strung.

Remedy: ... Rugs for everyone!

Nume: *finds a blanket and throws it over the prone Ilraen* There. Go ahead.

Ilraen: *freaked out* Perhaps this was a bad idea. *reverses the morph*

Jai: Aaaaaw.

Remedy: Keep going. It’s all right. Humans are freaks. And I say this with all the love and respect that I can muster for my closest neighboring genetic relatives.

Jenni: *gently bouncing the baby* Don’t stop. You can do it.

Nume: *to Remedy* Thank you. So much.

Ilraen: ... Well... all right... *goes for it*

Remedy: *grins* Any time.

Ilraen: *turns into a tall skinny guy with green eyes, Nume’s thin mouth, and red hair, at least this time, because the typist figures he can change the mix if he ever wants to* *is still freaked* *only just got used to being an Andalite, and now he isn’t* *not speaking aloud, because it wouldn’t occur to him* Is this right?

Ginger: You look very nice.

Aimee: ... Yeah, but your nose is on the wrong side of your head.

Jubilee: *comes out of the kitchen carrying a tray of drinks* I’ve got bubble teas!

Ilraen: It is? *reaches up and, being uncoordinated, smacks himself in the face* @.@

Jenni: Oh boy. ^_^; *someone take the baby so I can rescue the full-grown baby*

Jai: *has the kid again* *great*

Ginger: *drinks* Thanks, Jubes, got a drink.

Jubilee: Naked man! You look like you need a drink.

Jenni: *goes and tucks the blanket around Ilraen, then helps him up* There ya go! You’re just fine.

Ilraen: I’m half-blind and I don’t have enough legs and there is a hole in my head. O.o;

Jubilee: *looks at Ilraen* Riiiight... *takes his hand* *puts the cup in it* See the straw? Put it in the hole in your head and suck on it.

Ginger: *snickers*

Remedy: *smirks*

Ilraen: What?

Jenni: Whoa there. Let’s not start with food items so soon, all right? First things first.

Nume: *a sort of mixed expression* ... Oh dear. You did include human eating in the culture implant, didn’t you? Say you did.

Jenni: *elusive* I didn’t do it. Freedenberg did.

Ilraen: Is there something I should know?

Ginger: What’s up? *amused eyebrow*

Nume: My partner might have a psychotic enthusiasm for taste. Andalites don’t have it, you see.

Ginger: Fun.

Jenni: Even so, it probably won’t be as bad as Ax, say.

Ilraen: ... I’m not psychotic.

Ginger: No idea who Ax is. And you will be soon.

Nume: A prominent Andalite figure in the Animorphs series. Nigh-uncontrollable around Cinnabons in human morph.

Jenni: But Ax was an Andalite all his life. Ilraen will be learning both at the same time.

Ilraen: I think I would like to change back now.

Ginger: What was he before?

Jenni: *helps Ilraen to his knees for the de-morphing* He was rescued from a badfic—no name, no description, nothing except a line or two and the role of giving morphing powers to the Sue. He’s only just out of FicPsych.

Ginger: Ouch!

Jenni: *nodnod*

Ilraen: *de-morphs, not at all a pretty sight* *very much relieved when it’s over*

Nume: On the upside, my newbie is an Andalite. ^_^

Ginger: *toasts him* Lucky you. *drinks*

Nume: *terribly smug* There’s only one other in the whole place, as far as I know.

Ginger: Hurray! We should have a party. Or hugs. But I don’t do hugs. *drinks*

Ilraen: *after picking himself up and making sure all his limbs are in place* I am honored that you think so highly of my people. I only hope I may live up to expectations.

Jenni: You’ll be fine. Nume will teach you everything you need to know.

Ginger: After all, Nume knows everything.

Jenni: Or near enough. *g*

Nume: Well. I know a lot more than many people, that’s certain. Most of it is worthless...

Ginger: No such thing. It’s worth something somewhere.

Jenni: Exactly.

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