What Is This?

This section houses role-play logs I thought were worth hosting due to their relevance to my characters. Not quite as structured as interludes, these logs may not have a consistent narrative direction or specific beginning, middle, or end. Kind of like real life that way, really.

All characters involved belong to their respective writers, to be specified within each log.

The Logs
“Ilraen Gets Human”
What: Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill visits the Lounge, meets his partner for the first time, and acquires a human morph.
When: October 23, 2006.
Rating: G/K - Entire team is babies.
“Henry’s Birthday”
What: Henry Robinson turns two with a party in the Really Very Tiny Auditorium.
When: Feb 5—14, 2011.
Rating: G/K - Good clean fun for all audiences.
“PPC Bleepka Bar”
What: An awkward start doesn’t prevent Jenni and Suicide from having a most satisfactory first date.
When: Jun 28—Aug 5, 2011.
Rating: PG-13/T - Non-graphic adult situations and Suicide’s foul mouth.
“Ten Years Thence: The Role-play”
What: Various agents show up to celebrate Nume’s tenth anniversary. Some of them are from the future!
When: Feb 1—6, 2014 (but set Feb 2013).
Rating: PG/K+ - No “ethnic spices” for the kiddies.
“Fire-Lizard Hatching”
What: Nume and Ilraen receive twelve fire-lizard eggs in trade, and Jenni oversees their hatching.
When: Aug 8—Sep 4, 2015.
Rating: G/K - Warm, fuzzy feelings for all.
“2017 Halloween Party”
What: Gall gets Derik into a drinking contest with a Space Marine. His personal demons show up to taunt him.
When: Oct 22—Nov 16, 2017 (set Oct 31, 2017).
Rating: PG-13/T - Drunkenness, weapons-grade angst, and mildly self-destructive behavior.
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